Sunflower Cake

Do you ever have the impulsive desire to bake a decorate a cake?

I can officially say I’ve had the desire once now. And it was very fun.

It actually started because I wanted to eat buttercream frosting. But not just plain buttercream frosting. No, no, it had to be with a cake. Now, my family isn’t a huge cake-eating family, so I made it for a friend’s birthday party, so that it would actually get eaten, because it was not going to be a small cake. 

For the cake itself, I got two boxes of strawberry cake mix by Baker’s Corner at Aldi. A lovely cake mix. I mixed it up according to the instructions, using butter instead of oil and adding an extra egg, and they turned out most beautifully!


Now came the fun part. I have never decorated a cake before. I also did not have a turn table for decorating a cake. But I had seen many a picture videos about decorating a cake, and I had a cake stand that I could just turn by hand, so how hard could this be?


My goal was to have a white top and a light yellow side. Sadly, I underestimated just how much white frosting I would need (I underestimated how much frosting overall I would need haha), so I had to cover it with more yellow than originally planned. But it was still very fun to do.


Next, I added some flowers! This was very fun. I used the tip of a spatula and a spoon to get the petal look, and then a small star tip for the center of the flowers. The base was a little difficult to get smooth due to the plate underneath the cake, but I still got it good enough!


And here it is!! All done and ready to be eaten. 🙂 It took me probably three to four hours total to make, which was a bit, but it was all very worth it for the fun.


I got a picture of the inside, too. 🙂 It was a very pink cake! For the filling, I used more buttercream and then some strawberry jam. I think it needed a little more jam, as it was a very sweet cake, and the jam helped cut through that a little. But I thought it was still very delicious!

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