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Snowflake/Snowman Nails

Winter snowflake and snowman nails!

I had a lot of fun doing these nails. They are perfect for a good winter day and really not too technically difficult.

NOTE: I am not an affiliate for any of the links shared. I do not earn anything by sharing them. I simply wanted to link to what products I could so others can recreate my designs. 🙂

First, I did two coats each of Don’t Blink polish by AspireCosmeticNails and a blue sampler color from Wet ‘n Wild. I did not magnetize the white polish, as I just wanted the pearly finish. I then used my Nicole Diary snowflake plate and white stamping polish to create the snowflakes.


Little snowman! I wanted to test the design out before committing to it. In order to make the snowman, I used Maniology’s French tips stamping plate for the circles and a dotting tool for the buttons.


After adding the snowman to my nail, I decided to do a light coat of Don’t Blink over the white, to make him match my other nails better. I also used a little red polish to give him a small scarf.


And voila! My nails are done!


What do you think? Do you like the idea of snowman nails? What colors would you use differently? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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