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Mr. Meowstache, the Gentleman Cat

I spend too much time on Pinterest. It is just a fact. And now that I have learned how to crochet, half of my time on Pinterest is too many collecting crochet patterns. That is how I stumbled upon the pattern for this beautiful creation. Isn’t Pinterest a wonderful place?

Now that Freddy the Bumble was done, I wanted to make another creation. After going through my Pinterest board of crochet inspirations, I settled on making this lovely Roly Poly Cat! The pattern for it can be found here.

Dec 17 – The start! I decided to make mine a bright red, because a bright red roly poly cat would be the most adorable thing. 

Dec 19 – I had half of the head/body finished! I discovered with this project that, if you turn your creations inside out so that the starting tail is on the inside, rather than the outside, you get a much smoother, more consistent texture to the project. So I had fun experimenting with that.

Dec 19 – Another view of what I had made so far!


Dec 22 – I gave him a face! I bought some 9mm safety eyes from the store and then used black yarn to give him a mouth and whiskers. 

Dec 23 – And his head is officially finished! A most beautiful ball of cat.

Dec 23 – Here is what my finishing looks like. Still need to figure out an exact strategy for making it look seamless, but I’m still really happy with how it turned out.

Dec 23 – Foot number one! Complete with a little white sock.

Dec 24 – And now he has ears!! They definitely help to make him look like a cat, don’t you think?

Dec 25 – Foot number two!


Dec 28 – Three feet done!

Dec 28 – All four feet and a tail are made and properly attached to his body! He now officially looks like a cat!

Dec 28 – After looking at him and getting input from my siblings, I decided he was still missing something, so I deviated from the pattern and made him a lovely little top hat!

Dec 28 – And here he is!! All finished and with a hat, I introduce to you, Mr. Meowstache!


What do you think of the Roly Poly cats? Should I make more of them? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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