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Freddy the Bumble

I would like to introduce my very first crochet project! This October, my friend Hannah supplied me with a hook and yarn, and we sat together for three hours on a lovely Saturday morning where she taught me the secrets to crocheting. It took me over two months to actually finish this lovely boy, but I did end up finishing him, and I would like to show him to all of you now. 🙂

Sadly, I do not have any pictures from the beginning of the project, but please enjoy seeing him progress!

October 22, 2022 – Freddy the Bumble had a head and a face! I also whipped out my embroidery skills and introduced Hannah to a new way of sewing a mouth. And I’m very glad it turned out, because it was my first time actually attempting it, haha.
What he looked like from the back, prior to receiving any stripes.
October 29, 2022 – okay, I’m actually really bad at remembering to take pictures while working on a project, so I don’t have anything from making his stripes. But here, he officially has all his beautiful, bumbly stripes, and now he is stuffed and ready to take shape!
October 29, 2022 – taken an hour and a half after the last image. He has a full body!
Look at those beautiful stripes.
He is a happy bumble.
October 29, 2022 – one wing done!

Not shown: Hannah helping me with the second wing and crocheting the stinger for me because it was just not cooperating for me. (December 3, 2022)

Also not shown: me sewing on the wings and stinger. (December 16, 2022)

December 16, 2022 – he is all done! A little messy in some places, but still a very successful first project!
A full majestic bumble.
A very happy bumble. 🙂

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