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Swatching Nail Polish! – Aspire Cosmetics Doctor Who Autumn Collection

There are two things I love: magnetic nail polish and Doctor Who. Aspire Cosmetics Nails on Etsy gave me 8 autumn and Doctor Who-themed polishes to try, and they’re honestly some of my favorite polishes. The colors are bold, and the magnetic effects work really well. And magnetic polishes are just always so fun.

So here they all are!

“Come Along, Pond” – This one is a bold, creamy red that adds a beautiful fall pop to your nails. The magnetic effect isn’t as sharp with this polish, but the glowing effect is offers is just as mesmerizing.


“Regeneration” – This is another bold, creamy magnetic polish/ Like Come Along, Pond, it doesn’t have the sharpest magnetized look, but it does make your nails look like they are painted with liquid gold, which is really fun.


“Master…Mistress…MISSY” – This one is such a lovely, deep purple, and the effect can get beautifully sharp, especially in sunlight. No basecoat is needed, either, though one can use a black basecoat for an even more vibrant effect.


“Time And Relative Dimensions In Space” – This one is not a magnetic polish, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. The color is very bright, and some silver glitter gives it an exciting personality.


“Dr… Who?” – This one is one of my favorites. The blue is such a beautiful, deep blue, and especially when magnetized and the blue pigment is pulled against the black. It does not need any basecoat, either, which is always a plus for me.


“Delete!” – This one is also not magnetic, but rather a creamy silver. I wouldn’t classify it quite as a shimmer, but it does have a very metallic look, which I love. It’s a perfect neutral color for any nail design.


“Don’t Blink” – This one is another creamy magnetic polish, and I just love the color. I do find it the most difficult to get a magnetic effect from this polish, the pearly finish is so pretty and will glow even without a strong magnetic effect.


“Exterminate” – This one is probably my favorite of the collection. The green is such a beautiful color, whether magnetized or not, and it works well in every season. It magnetizes very well, too. It may not be the most conventional color, but it doesn’t disappoint.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these, check them out at Aspire Cosmetics Nails’ shop here! And if you would like a tutorial on how to use magnetic polishes, you can find one by here. 🙂

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